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Hi my name is Cezary,

although I’m more used to the nickname Heniek. I started serious training in 2015 when my parents bought me my first road bike. During my “career” I had ups and downs but I’ve never been really good. For some time I rode in Mostostal Puławy, and I am really grateful to the coaches that they allowed me to be a part of this team. What interests me the most is whether an ordinary person like me is able to achieve the performance level of a pro rider. This blog is part of my search for an answer to that question. Preparing posts forces me to read, and reading allows me to gain knowledge. However, the knowledge itself is not enough, because it should also be combined with experience, which I gain by experimenting with myself in training. In addition to cycling, I am addicted to listening to Hardstyle and Hardcore (but I like also Big Room).

Everything about increasing watts!

Cezary Tkaczuk